The Sales Desk
Have you ever found yourself stretched too far to focus on your Sales and Business Development?
By outsourcing your Business Development to us you can confidently focus on other parts of your business – knowing your sales pipeline is being looked after.


The Sales Desk will provide you with an experienced sales development team to manage your sales pipeline through the critical steps of your sales process

  • Sales strategy and plan
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying contacts
  • Generating appointments
  • Presenting proposals
  • Negotiating sales
  • Managing accounts

We are there to help your business develop and convert opportunities in their sales pipeline without the cost and overhead of full time sales or business development staff.

The focus is on pragmatic sales activity to help you grow your business with the right competence focussed on the right activity, resulting in a much reduced rate compared to a full time staff member with significantly greater output.

Pay for the activity being performed; researching, making calls, booking client meetings, follow up activities, negotiation of proposals, etc…..don’t pay for the waiting around.  Utilising The Sales Desk model means you are only paying for time spent on your sales pipeline or on your sales team actively selling.

Our approach puts the focus and energy into only those steps that will advance your sales and leave the other activity to your core team.

Lead generation is critical to all our clients. Our team’s diversity and experience in executing strategy across different functions and industries gives us additional insights and ideas into generating lead and referral opportunities that may otherwise be missed by your in house sales and marketing teams.

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More on The Sales Desk

About the founders

Steve Quinlan: As a business development manager with over 27 years experience in developing and executing strategies that drive business growth, Steve appreciates how a focussed team pushes results. He works with new and established businesses across a variety of sectors including Community, Education, Medical, ICT, Wealth, Professional and Personal based services.


What we do best

The Sales Desk is able to identify the right leads and generate the sales that your business needs to grow and to accelerate profit. We understand that not all businesses can afford their own in-house sales team or have the sales focus and know-how to sell, that is where The Sales Desk can make a real difference.

Our team has extensive experience in developing and executing strategies that drive business growth, we appreciate how a focussed team achieves results. We manage all the critical steps of your sales process, including putting together a plan, prospecting, qualifying leads and contacts, generating appointments, presenting proposals, negotiating sales, closing the deal. Our support leaves you to get on with the business of your business.

How it works

You only pay for the time that’s directly spent on the critical steps of your sale process – the lag between an initial contact and a meeting, proposals, negotiations and closing the deal can be lengthy, making a full-time staff member cost inhibitive. By leaving new business development and sales management to The Sales Desk your core team can focus on the tasks they do best without the worry of where the next project or order is coming from. 

Let us hear about your business and understand your current sales process and then we will be able to show you how we can help drive your business growth.


As a global leader in sales transformation, we know what exceptional sales performance looks like. Our sales team, at capacity servicing current accounts, required additional support to focus on new business. The Sales Desk worked closely with our team, able to understand the complexities of our business and communicate our value proposition knowledgeably and professionally. They were highly adaptable to our needs, pragmatic and creative in their approach, delivering high quality leads. I would highly recommend them.

Katherine Edgar,  Founder and CEO, THE SYNERGY GROUP 

”The Sales Desk brings the discipline we need to generate new opportunities and business, complimenting our team’s more technical skill sets and expertise.”


“We were after a sales team which could represent us locally and that we were comfortable to represent our brand.  The Sales Desk has provided different levels of sales resources required by a new market entrant and have helped us navigate the overseas cultural and business specifics. Without The Sales Desk we would never have been able to learn with this high speed and pivot towards a winning strategy.”

Ferdinand Van Der Neut, CEO FRUIT FLY NINJA

I love the way they follow-up, both with prospects and with me if I’m a bit slow providing the information they’ve promised. It’s that proactive sales focus that I need to grow my business.’’


“As a Not for Profit organisation within the disability sector, restricted funding meant that we would often struggle to generate new business opportunities due to the lack of qualified resources. The Sales Desk approached us offering the necessary business development services at a cost that fit within our budgeting restrictions allowing us to increase opportunities, generate new business and increase our profile within the market place. We have built a strong alliance with The Sales Desk and look forward to continuing this partnership for many years. I would strongly recommend The Sales Desk.”

David Kneeshaw, General Manager, UNISSON DISABILITY

“Having worked with lead generators previously, I was immediately impressed with The Sales Desk. Their expertise and professionalism was second to none and their understanding of our requirements exceeded all expectations. Not only did they work with us in developing opportunities but assisted us in converting these to sales by attending critical client meetings and setting sales strategies. We continue to work with The Sales Desk”

David Saul, Managing Director, SAULSMSF

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