HG+ Protection: Positively Responding to Australia’s Coronavirus Crisis

Concerned by the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, the founders of HG+ Protection saw an opportunity to assist Australian individuals, families and businesses. Moving quickly, the Di Cintio family, the founders of the business, tapped into existing supply chains nurtured during their involvement in the construction industry to access high quality healthcare and hygiene products. Within weeks, HG+ was set up and bringing medical grade masks and hand sanitiser to Australian businesses and individuals.

Not content with protecting Australian’s physical health with the CE & FDA approved medical masks and alcohol based hand sanitisers, the business have committed 10% of profits from their online sales to support mental health initiatives in Australia. The company is an excellent example of industry pivoting to support the public and Australian businesses.

“We saw a need in our community and we wanted to be a part of the solution in this very difficult time. Part of that means giving back and supporting mental health services – like Headspace Australia – so we can minimize the impact this virus will have on Australians physical and mental wellbeing.” said Jacqui Di Cintio, HG+’s Operation Manager.

The changes that COVID-19 has wrought on communities across Australia and the world is undeniable. While the isolation was necessary for the containment of the virus, the impact on our population’s mental health is expected to be long lasting. Academics at the University of Sydney have predicted a 25% increase in the suicide rate in the wake of the virus. Estimates are based on similar modelling exercises in America and take into consideration the economic impact along with the stress, isolation and lost social connections directly related to the coronavirus outbreak.

A $48 million mental health funding package will go some way to supporting Australians who are thrown into despair by the economic downturn. However, additional funding will help to fill gaps in services for people whose poor mental health has significant impact on their day-to-day lives but do not need hospital care.

HG+ are based in Melbourne and are new start up. To help increase awareness of the business and find new avenues for the budding organisation, The Sales Desk were appointed as additional sales resources to test several markets. This partnership enables the founders and staff of HG+ to focus on ensuring the quality of their products and supply can be maintained while the sales necessary to sustain the business are being generated.

“The Sales Desk provided the resources and professionalism for our coordinated effort to develop HG+’s unique selling point and sales strategy. TSD helped to broaden and validate the lead list generated to ensure we covered as many different avenues as possible while also providing a sounding board for ideas and other opportunities.”

HG+ Protection is an excellent example of Australians turning what could be a devastating crisis into a business opportunity that benefits their wider community. The extra commitment to supporting Australian’s mental health shows how committed the founders of the organisation are to being part of the solution needed to come through the other side of this pandemic stronger and more connected.