Seamless Management and the Development of Connected Communities

Around 15% of people in NSW live in apartments. Managed properties can provide a superior experience to residents – particularly when they are managed well. Over the past 25 years, apartment living has risen by around 78% across Australia. In 2016, for every five occupied households, there was one occupied apartment (figures include flats and units, but not townhouses). There is a vast difference between a well-managed apartment complex and a mismanaged one. Loss of profits, deteriorating services, unhappy residents and owners are the hallmark of the latter. Conversely, well managed complexes turn simple buildings into loved communities.

The invisible infrastructure of a managed complex is often the most important. Just as we don’t need to see pipework or wiring to appreciate the plumbing and electricity, building management software should be simple while improving the lives of the residents it supports.

Building Link has been supporting apartment buildings and other managed complexes across Australia since 2011. Founded with the simple aspiration to streamline the property management service and processes, the company now supports community strata across all states today; a number that keeps growing! Their services ensure the building management is efficient and the lives of the residents they support are as hassle free as possible. Vantage Strata and Bright & Duggan are two great examples of how BuildingLink’s software can be put to use to improve lives, connect communities and streamline building management processes.

Vantage Strata

A story of seamless management that supports a thriving community is being played out for Vantage Strata’s properties in the ACT and NSW.  With the assistance of BuildingLink’s technology, their multi-unit, apartment, townhouse and mixed use strata developments are more than just bricks and mortar. Executive committees are supported to be engaged and proactive. Owners are able to access all their property information in one place. Tenants are helped with everything they may need; and it’s all from the one multi-level access platform.

Owner Corporations have access to everything they could wish for from the centralised state of the art services and software platform. This has become a key source for providing specialised knowledge on legislation, facilities and maintenance, finance, administration and meetings. Everyone is kept on the same page and needs are met faster. Thanks to this approach and the technical support required to achieve it, Vantage Strata are accomplishing far above industry standards for key service metrics.

On top of better services and industry metrics, Vantage Strata’s centralised systems support building managers and free them from copious administrative tasks. They’re now able to be the eyes and ears of the community’s building. Rather than being tied to a desk, they’re free to ensure the critical daily systems and processes are running smoothly. Smartphone access means they can remain in touch with the system and respond as needed to matters which arise during the course of an ordinary day.

For tenants and owner residents, the underlying building management software makes liaising with building managers or arranging for maintenance a breeze. The integrative system can be set up to suit an individual’s communication preferences. Updates can be received via text or email, reservation and maintenance requests can be managed from the one portal 24/7, and any important notices that affect life in their buildings are immediately available on a number of bulletin board notices throughout their complexes. The result is streamlined communication and a community of residents who all understand what’s going on and when. The ‘always available’ nature of the system makes living in Vantage Strata’s communities secure and simple.

Bright & Duggan

Understanding that people buy into a lifestyle, not just a building, Bright & Duggan provide continuous management for their residents, executives and strata owners. Members of their strata are supported with their property, facilities, and lifestyle via BuildingLink’s branded software.

It’s not just the home services that make a difference to Bright & Duggan properties; rules, regulations, responsibilities, and statutory compliance can all be managed from the one system. To ensure double-work is minimised and silos don’t appear within the organisation to undermine the connection of their community, every department and resident is able to access the relevant parts of their system.

The result is high quality customer service for residents and owners and a seamless, comprehensive management overview of the facilities for building and strata managers. Shared living spaces, common property and facilities are all kept in good order and a vision of community unity and peaceful living is being realised.