Expos give buyers access to the latest in real estate innovation

This week, we sat down with Director of the Property Buyer and Investor Expo and Sales Desk client, Mark Thomas. In a former life, Mark, a long-time real estate industry enthusiast, will tell you he was a “finance guy” whose philosophy on life and business is a bit untraditional. In Mark’s own words, “life is a blend of art and science, a little bit of magic, and plenty of persistence,” something he’s lived out across a more than 25-year career in some of the most challenging arenas. Ahead of next weekend’s expo, to be held October 26 and 27 at Sydney Olympic Park, we were able to ask Mark a few questions about his passion for real estate, the state of the industry and why it’s important for buyers to make informed choices about their property investments.

Coming from a background in finance, tell us a little bit about why you made the shift into real estate.

“After 25 years in financial services, I needed a change. I was looking for an area where I could add real value. The real estate market was booming, there was a lot of consolidation taking place—it seemed like a good time to make a move.”

 Why should businesses use expos as a core aspect of their marketing strategy?

“Typically companies market their products or services through online advertising, direct mail, email campaigns and social media. Sales teams then work off of these leads, usually by hitting the phones to try to convert those leads into sales. What we offer is a good old fashioned meet and greet with a modern twist. I’m talking speed dating a group of 5,000-7,000 people across two days, in a creative environment where people are looking for new ideas and great deals. We also throw in a little education.”

 What makes expos a valuable resource for consumers?

“Most people dive into transactions a little blindly. Expos bring them into a marketplace where they’re given an opportunity to explore more possibilities — different forms of investment, finance and innovation. These ideas are provided by our exhibitors and speakers who represent multiple projects and ways of thinking. Attendees can then educate themselves on a much broader scale and see all of the options that are available. There’s absolutely no substitute for face-to-face interaction.”

What are some common misconceptions about navigating the property market?

“In my experience, people tend to jump into investments. Unfortunately, trust within the real estate industry is very low, around 9% the last time it was surveyed.  People tend to compensate by relying on word-of-mouth, or suggestions from a trusted source like their accountant or a family member. The ideas they’re getting might be good, but they aren’t necessarily the best solutions for their individual situations. We’re aiming to help break that cycle and empower people within a marketplace of trusted ideas.“

What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever received? How would you revamp it?

“To fear risk. Risk is something you can price and then manage. Often the risk is overpriced because people don’t understand it or don’t do their research properly. I believe everyone should have an appetite for risk if they expect a return. It’s more about how much risk you can cope with. My risk tolerance is probably higher than, say, my accountant…so while I listen to his advice, I usually ignore it.”

To learn more about the Property Buyer and Investor Expo, and to get free entry, visit their website and enter the promo code ‘EXPOGUEST’.

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